Made by the Asian immigrant generation for everyone.

No matter where we were born and where we live now, we as immigrants or descendants of immigrants have experienced the nuances of being Asian in a Western society. We know what it’s like to be Asian and Westernized, yet never fully belong to either culture. From people mispronouncing our names, to hearing “have you eaten yet" instead of "I love you", to being asked “where are you from?" - these are the realities that unite us.

Asians are known for many traits - smart, hardworking, obedient - but being cool usually isn’t top of mind. Even with the progress made by Asian trailblazers in mainstream media, we have a long way to go until we are truly understood. Immigen is here to move us forward.

We want to celebrate our hybrid identities and complex stories. We’re proud to be the immigrant generation and we want the world to know it. 


The Founder


About the Founder

Thanks for visiting my store! I'm Arnold and I was born in Germany, raised in China, and immigrated to North America when I was seven. I have always felt “in between” my two cultures - very Chinese in the West, yet a "waiguoren" (foreigner) in China.

I grew up loving theatre and aspired to be an actor. But as the auditions passed by, I realized that my roles were limited by the colour of my skin (Asian dating commercials, Asian sons, Asian office workers) rather than my talent and personality (though my acting was probably mediocre anyway). But when I finally landed a role as the "tech guy” in a commercial, I was told to wear glasses because I didn’t “look the part enough."

I didn't have the grit to continue acting, but I left hoping that nobody would have to go through the same struggle. Over time, I became desensitized to the lack of Asian representation in the media and even accepted it as the norm. But when Crazy Rich Asians and Subtle Asian Traits emerged, I couldn’t help but feel empowered and proud to be one of many incredible Asians around the world.

That’s why I started Immigen: to celebrate what unites us as the Asian immigrant generation, and to inspire others to understand who we are.

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